I just Bucaramanga’d my mind.

I’ve now spent almost 5 days in this little-known “city of parks”, enjoying the perfect weather and chillin’ like a villain. And really, I mean I’ve spent my time soaking up all the high-speed WiFi the hostel offers, and occasionally going for a walk to justify my existence. After three weeks of vacationing, I’m over […]

I think I’m turning PoMo-nese, I think I’m turning PoMo-nese, I really think so…

Entering my third week in the Amazon, I can say this about it: mosquitoes and heat rashes. Okay, maybe there’s more I can say about it… For one, the idea that I’d be on a paleo-diet while here, and magically lose 50lbs in time for my wedding was an absurdly incorrect notion. The diet here […]