Autumn, champagne, and hurricanes

I write this in the midst of chaos. In case you haven’t heard, the entire East Coast is panicking over the presence of “Frankenstorm”, a hybrid hurricane + nor’easter that’s wreaking havoc all over the place. If you recall, The Mister and I do not tend to hyperventilate over such events. And such is the […]

I think I’m turning PoMo-nese, I think I’m turning PoMo-nese, I really think so…

Entering my third week in the Amazon, I can say this about it: mosquitoes and heat rashes. Okay, maybe there’s more I can say about it… For one, the idea that I’d be on a paleo-diet while here, and magically lose 50lbs in time for my wedding was an absurdly incorrect notion. The diet here […]


The title of this post is an homage to one of my favorite blogs, Guts & Glitter. Its pretty much an all-purpose guide to everything I like, and everything I like to bitch about. Thus, I lifted one of its recurring themes to explain my current thesis situation. Highlights: I defended my thesis. I was successful, […]