The one where I return.


I’d like to clear the air.

Foggy Bridge Strings Inside
This may take a while.

I never intended my most recent post to signal an impending year-long blogging sabbatical.

At the time, it read like a simple ‘Ms. CQC is having an off day’.

But as time wore on and the page never updated, the sinister title “Nothing to Say” read like a cryptic sign-off. A blogging suicide note.

But it wasn’t.

Despite my best efforts, I don’t have that much forethought. In reality, I got busy.

Super busy.

Like… forgoing basic hygiene and eating nothing but granola bars for days because I’m JUST TOO BUSY, kind of busy.


But now it’s done. I’m no longer in the crazy place. The crazy place has recently been usurped by the lonely place.

I’m still busy, just in a different way… Because now, I’m busy applying for jobs.

Now, I’m unemployed.

HEY, YA’LL! Is there room in there for me?!

This is no surprise, and if you remember the post where I first announced I’d gotten a fancy Ivy League job, I knew that thing was a one year gig.

At the time, I thought it was peeeerrrfect, as I could spend my time exploring ideas, networking, figuring out what to do with my life, and have a new venture ready to go by the time I left the absurdly overgrown ivy walls of academia.

Yet, with all the busy happening, I was unable to get all my ducks in a row.

Fuck you, ducks.

Despite starting the job applications five months before my termination date, I have yet to get a single phone call, let alone an interview.

I thought with a master’s degree, international experience, and the #1 school in America (or not) as an employer, human resources would be tripping over themselves to get me in.

Sadly, it’s no longer 1998, and I’m just like every other out-of-work schmuck.

Woe is me.

The upshot is that I’m back to blogging!

I have much to catch you up on, my darlings: married life! work life! egomaniacs! cats! gypsies! fake vegetarianism! Learning how to stop worrying and love the bomb!

Stay tuned.

Apropos of nothing.

4 thoughts on “The one where I return.

  1. I’m happy you’re back! You make me want to start blogging again, so now you can put down “inspiring to others” on your already impressive resume… And then I can put down that I’ve trained others on career development. Win-win.

  2. Perfect! Then we both can include ‘well versed in long distance cash transactions and cash fund management.’

  3. Ha, well I had something clever to say (sort of) until I read the back and forth between you and Emily. You two are hilarious and miss you both SO much! So glad to read on your blog again. I always crack up and it’s even better because I hear your wit in your voice when I read.

    Love you!!

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